Royal Arsenal, Block E

The Challenge

The Royal Arsenal Riverside development has become one of the most exciting addresses that South East London has to offer. The Berkeley Homes development, which occupies a prime location along the River Thames, is home to the former munitions factories that were extensively used during the 1st World War.

Barretts of Aspley were once again successful in their tender, selected to provide the next phase of the architectural metalwork, balconies and rooftop structural steelwork at this prestigious site. The Block E development consists of a 21 storey tall structure providing over 100 new residential units.

In order to create fully open, long span, inset terraces at Levels 17-21, a bespoke structural steelwork lattice framework was required to support the terrace floors and overarching brickwork above.

Along with the usual metalwork elements of the project, the contract also included the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of 115 no. cantilever balconies including 21 no. large irregular shaped triangular balconies – all of which were required to be installed over a period of 24 days immediately prior to the removal of the tower crane.

The Solution

Full integration with the facade contractors & brickwork contractors works were necessary to ensure the differing materials, tolerances and movements were all considered prior to construction. Barretts of Aspley’s extensive in house design experience and 3D modelling capability ensured that all the trades differing requirements were accommodated in the final integrated design solution.

Due to the irregular shape of the site boundary and to maximize the available lettable area, the largest balconies were triangular in shape – being 7m wide and cantilevering 3m from the building face.  Barretts of Aspley designed and manufactured bespoke handling and lifting jigs to deal with the asymmetric geometry & offset centre of gravity which ensured the safe assembly, transportation and installation of these elements of the build.

Barretts of Aspley’s extensive storage facility at its manufacturing plant also allowed a significant proportion of the balconies to be manufactured, assembled and stockpiled in advance of the required installation date – allowing flexibility to accommodate last minutes changes of sequence and just in time deliveries.

The use of Barretts of Aspley’s in house transport fleet significantly simplified the logistics of loading and transporting these unusually shaped balconies and facilitated the speed of delivery into site in order to achieve the required installation rate. 

The Royal Arsenal development continues to be an impressive success story 
which Barretts of Aspley have been privileged to have played a significant role 
in delivering.

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