Barretts of Aspley (BoA) successfully tendered for the next phase of this new build development, this success was based on both price and the quality of service provided on previous phases. This phase of work required that a large number of balconies be fully completed off-site and installed as finished units. Additionally, tight timescales were in place and timings of installation were critical.



The first step was to schedule a programme of installation, which needed to tie in carefully with scaffold strikes, crane availability and coordination with other client requirements, such as completion of facades and landscaping works.

With the schedule completed and agreed, the logistics of manufacturing a large number of balconies was challenging. However, producing complete units within the controlled manufacturing environment at BoA ensured attention to detail and quality control was of the highest standard. This also resulted in a safer manufacturing process than assembling the balconies on site, especially relevant, given the large quantity of glazing present.

BoA were able to provide all powder coating and sheet metal work in house. This complete turnkey solution ensured deadlines were met and production standards and finish were of the highest quality.

Finished balcony units were completed according to schedule and were delivered to site in prime condition. This process ensured the site was presentable as installation progressed. This was critical in enabling the client to continue selling plots throughout the development.

All aspects of the works provided by BoA have been considered a complete success and helped the client to focus on ensuring commercial success.

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