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Facility Upgrade

Posted: 17th January 2019

BOA take pride in knowing that its production facilities are second to none. Maintenance and upkeep are a key component in providing employees with a safe and comfortable working environment. Making sure that the facilities are well looked after keeps BOA’s employees happy and in turn contributes to the output of quality products.

BOA undertook a complete refurbishment of fabrication shop 2 in 2018. The extensive revamp included the careful removal of the old single skin wall and roof cladding and replaced with new insulated cladding. An outer skin of blockwork was also constructed around the existing concrete walls, forming a cavity which was filled with insulation to improve the buildings thermal performance.

Originally featuring one roller shutter to the front of the building, access was enhanced by introducing a new roller shutter to the rear of the workshop, creating a throughway.

Inside the building, the floor and walls were coated with a new protective paint finish and the lighting was upgraded providing a much brighter workspace.