Bronze standard FORS BOA

BOA becomes a Bronze member of FORS. 

The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a scheme which was introduced by Transport for London (TfL) in 2008. Until the introduction of FORS commercial vehicles had been governed by numerous regulations and agencies, proving complicated for van and lorry operators to adhere to the regulations. 

The FORS scheme provides vehicle operators with a single point criteria that encompasses all aspects of economical operations, safety, vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency, to make London’s roads cleaner and safer. 

FORS encompasses 3 levels of membership, Bronze, Silver and Gold. All members will join at the entry level Bronze which covers all aspects of lawfulness. Having achieved Bronze operators can work their way up to Silver and Gold memberships by achieving the associated criteria set out in the FORS specification. All standards have been set above the minimum legal requirements, giving operators the peace of mind that they comfortably meet all legislative requirements and that their fleet operation is being run safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner.

Clear benefits of FORS include:

  1. The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions,
  2. Fuel savings.
  3. The reduction in fines for illegal parking and road infringements.
  4. The reduction in road collisions.

As a result of these benefits, FORS is becoming a customer requirement in relation to responsible procurement programmes, which in turn is being filtered down to contractors and sub-contractors.

Within the last 6 months BOA realised that FORS has become an important part of securing work, with a large number of clients demanding their subcontractors are FORS accredited to ensure they operate to the recognised standards of safety and efficiency. 

On the 23rd May 2014 BOA became a member of FORS by successfully passing the company assessment in demonstrating compliance with the 'bronze' level membership criteria. A special thanks to Russell Jones, BOA’s Production Manager for passing the criteria with only one observation.

Moving forward BOA are looking into the Work Related Road Risk standard to further develop their fleet in order to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and road users.

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