BOA launches the BOA Academy

Barretts of Aspley are delighted to announce the launch of the BOA Academy which will be opening in Spring 2015.

Barretts of Aspley are delighted to announce the launch of the BOA Academy which will be opening in Spring 2015 and providing apprenticeship opportunities for young people in the local community in fabrication, welding and engineering.

As a result of continued expansion and a resurgence in the construction industry, BOA are seeking to expand its operations at North Common Farm to help satisfy the supply needs of its customer base. With this uptick in activity and demand, the company faces a number of challenges, not least, the supply of skilled labour.

The BOA workforce is highly skilled, highly motivated and holds a wealth of knowledge that is the envy of the industry. However, without investment in the future generation of BOA workforce, the company faces a problem familiar to many companies currently in the construction industry, a potential skills shortage.

The Directors of BOA have identified this potential challenge and also the opportunity to bring young apprentices into the company to ensure the skills within the workforce are transferred to a new generation.


Purpose built 10,000sq ft fabrication and learning facility

The result of this opportunity is the BOA Academy which will be coming in Spring 2015. Housed in a purpose built 10,000 sq ft fabrication and learning facility at the companies North Common Farm premises, the Academy will look to provide an ‘on the job’ training environment where apprentices will be mentored by existing BOA skilled fabricators to learn the skills required for fabrication, welding and engineering. An application for planning permission for the facility has been submitted, and, subject to approval, construction of the facility should commence in December 2014.

The training programme will be run in conjunction with local learning providers under an approved framework to an NVQ level so that all those who successfully complete the course will be issued with a nationally recognised qualification. BOA are currently speaking to a number of learning providers and will communicate further details of the exact course content once finalised.


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